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CST611 Selector fork, 1st/2nd gear 3 syncro remote



Price - £87.50 + VAT

The unavailability of decent quality, correctly fitting 1st/2nd gear selector forks for both 3 & 4 syncro remote type gearboxes pushed me to have them manufactured.

This first batch of castings required a slight correction following machining and trial fitment. This was because without the facility of having the original drawings to work from I had to have the genuine original unused cast component meticulously 3-D scanned to gather all the specific pertinent data. Even doing this is not 100% accurate; working with castings never is. The consequence was the need to use a 5/16”UNF thread in the fork for the locating bolt in this first generation as opposed to the original 1/4”UNF threaded version. Hence the required bolt and lock nut is supplied with these first edition forks. Trialled in a half a dozen gearbox casings with multiple selector rods and a handful of mainshaft, gear and hub assemblies, the fit was very satisfactory. A few combinations caused a slight drag of the selector hub on the fork jaws, but minimal and certainly not a problem in use.

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