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CST3023 - 0.875" diameter cam follower set

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Price - £80.00 + VAT

0.875" diameter cam follower set for when running race cams, especially the RE284 spec race cam from CST. Faces re-ground to give correct specific crown shape and shortened for fitment to A-series block.

Using larger diameter cam followers for all race came was stongly recommended by Abingdon Special Tuning in the 1960s. Having the standard followers bored out as a one off machining event also eliminates alignment discrepencies caused by mass manufacture. This gives more accurate and consistent valve timing events.

The block requires the standard follower bores bored/reamed out from the standard 0.812" to 0.875" to take these followers. Beware - follower bores are not vertical in the block.They are set at an angle of 2.5 degrees towards the crankshaft centreline.

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