Flywheel - Verto type, injection 

The advent of ECU-equipped fuel injection saw the need for a trigger system to provide the ECU with information on engine speed and piston position. In their infinite wisdom, Rover decided to fit a reluctor ring into the rear of the already humungous iron flywheel section. 
Identical in all aspects to the non-injection flywheel except for this reluctor ring and the raised ridge it is fitted into. It weighs a little more than the non-injection item, but can be fitted to non-injection pre-engaged starter endowed cars should the situation deem it necessary. But ONLY the flywheel - NOT the diaphragm (see 'Pressure plate - Verto types' for further details). Consequently the same in-effective non-cost effective limited lightening can be carried out to the standard item. 
Once again, Mini Spares has come to the aid of those wishing to up-rate their fuel injected engines where weight-loss is prerequisite to maximise possible outputs from limited engine modifications (see 'Flywheel & Pressure plate - Effects of lightening' article for benefits of lightening) enforced by the standard ECU parameters and outputs are sorely testing - and over-coming in many instances - the standard set-up. 
A steel outer section is available with the reluctor ring machined into it to accept the stronger Metro Turbo diaphragm assembly. It CANNOT be used with the standard injection diaphragm assembly due to triggering position restrictions (see 'Diaphragm Spring - Verto types' for further details). NON-injection diaphragm assembly to be used only. Ingenious precision-machined tolerances and design are employed to maximise the clamping load exerted on the clutch plate. 
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