CST 3007 1.4-1 Rocker Kit  


This kit is supplied without any spacers/springs because the majority of users will want to apply their own method of rocker location. I have always preferred the use of the standard springs in conjunction with extra shim washers to better align the rockers with the valve tips.  
For large (1275) bore heads the centre two rockers usually need two 0.040” shim washers (part number AEG168) between rockers and posts. Fitting the end flat springs between the posts and rockers and big flat washers on the outer ends also better pad to valve tip alignment.  
For small-bore (850/948/997/998/1098) heads one 0.040” washer between each rocker and post gets the job done. The end thick washer should be replaced with a single 0.040” washer. I also use a similar washer shim between the spring ends and rockers to increase the spring pressure. Far from reducing performance from drag, the drag is negligible, but has a big positive influence on reduction of valve train harmonics and increases rocker stability. 
The set comes in a disassembled state now as some past customers were not bothering to thoroughly clean and re-lubricate them before use. I felt that if it came in component form a thorough clean and lube on assembly was more likely to take place! 
Please check for clearance between the rocker posts and valve springs. Factory machining tolerances and various spring OD types may cause them to touch. 
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